Tempers and Demonz XO – The Louisiana, Bristol – 11 May 2022

Demonz XO are a local group. They are far too colourful and trip-hop/dub-step-y for my taste, but they are good at what they do, put on a solid performance and have lots of devoted fans.

Demonz XO – sparkly!

Tempers have been fluttering around the periphery of my consciousness for a while now, doing a perfectly serviceable dreampop/shoegaze/postpunk thing. The new album (released at the beginning of April this year) is on a whole new level. It’s always nice to see a band develop and improve over time, and this is a perfect example.

Tempers doing their thing

I was therefore excited to hear that they would play locally in a venue not much bigger than my living room. I was not disappointed. They played a selection of old and new material. Jasmine’s vocals were gorgeous, as was Eddie’s guitar sound (though how he made it through as much of the performance as he did wearing that jacket was a mystery to everyone – it was pretty warm in there). The crowd was very much won over and I would definitely see them again, and you should definitely check them out if they are appearing anywhere near you, and on Bandcamp even if they aren’t.